The Never King

Hot on the trail

Upon narrowly escaping the Slaver’s ambush that saw Terios and Tandilais fall, Lylandra and Oris flee the warehouse and enlist the help of the local ranger Len and his cohorts Dovan and Berend. With haste they returned to the warehouse to rescue their comrades only to find the place had been evacuated by the Slavers. There was however another inhabitant. Lylandra foolishly dove into a flooding lower level to search out for signs of Terios. A water troll was there to meet her instead. After nearly falling into death’s icy grip, she tricked the troll and maneuvered to safety, for now. No signs of the missing comrades could be found. Meanwhile, Oris and the new additions to the cause were finding themselves exchanging blows with the constable and his lackies on the main level. It seems the constable was in league with the Slavers and would do anything to silence our new information. Soon, the troll found his way to the main floor as well and the “Members of the Flame”, as I will refer to our heroes, found themselves with enemies on either side. The blade and teeth of the party members were enough to hold the villains at bay until Lylandra once more could join them. With a single phrase, “Remember me?”, she let loose a blast of fiery might and engulfed the troll to a watery grave.

Uopn learning the Constable was in on this wretched plot to enslave the inhabitants of this land, we sought out the presence of a seasoned Ranger, Weyd. He visited Len in the night and showed his displeasure for our tresspassing with a token. He cut the edge of Lem’s cloak and hung it on a nearby tree. Soon after hitting the trail again, we spotted Weyd in person. It was not in his interest for us to stop the Slavers so he and his landshark companion attacked our horses. We were able to cut down Weyd and search him for goods before his companion swept him away into the belly of the earth. On what would be his dying breath, he told us of a dragon nearby that had provided transport to the Slavers. Youatella, was her name and she had a history with Lylandra. She was the first to help Lylandra unlock her Warlock potential. This act would prove to soon be her undoing as the MOTF located the dragon’s lair and found it. Though Youatella still had a strong hold over Lylandra at first, the bond was broken as the party quenched the fire of this red dragon once and for all………..

The Search

After surviving an ambush, The group gathered and searched the dead hobgoblin foes. Finding a magic set of plate mail, some coin and a moonstone sewn into into the the cloak of one of the bodies. The group also found one of the missing girls from the caravan. Tied to a stake, bound and gagged and with the young girl is a man called Oris. Lylandra removes the gag from Oris and asks a series of questions. Oris informs the group the location of the other girls, a cave behind a waterfall. Oris then asks to join in the search. Vargas is able to track down the waterfall and there are multiple ways in. Vargas leads the way in the cave. After fending of some kobolds, one that wields magic and a larger warrior guarding a pile of treasure the group finds the second missing girl and a babbling old hag. The old woman says she knows the location of the last missing girl and leads the group out towards a fallen tree and a group of crosses in the ground. Shambling around the crosses are a large amount of zombies moaning “KeeeeeeGaaaaaan, Keegaaaaaaaaaaan.” Vargas Charges in to cleave his foes. Right behind him follow Terios hallowing the ground and Alec brandishing his holy symbol. Tandaleus blast groups of zombies with fire, Oris shocks groups with lightning. Lylandra Deftly picks out foes and mercilessly curses them back to the grave. After the dust settles the group finds an excavated section of ground with a rock retaining wall. A door lies exposed and Vargas and Terios lead the way into the depths. Oris brings out a sun rod from his backpack and illuminates part of an ancient room in the middle of some sort of excavation. The sound of some kind of creatures are farther in. Lyandra crosses a precarious platform, and a crossbow bolt hits the wall behind her. Oris, Alec, Terios and Tandaleus take a ramp to a lower level and fight a pair of small dragon like creatures. Lylandra and Vargas keep to the the upper level. Vargas makes an epic leap of twenty five feet across to a second pillar. After a hard fought battle the group takes one kobold prisoner. Before Vargas “Seperates head from neck.” Lylandra speaks a few quiet word and touches Vargas’ arm, and he cools down so the group is able to get the pathetic creature to point out the section of wall concealing the way to Kegan. Again Vargas and Terios lead the way to a crypt chamber. Before the group stands Kegan. Gaunt, skin pulled taught across his face, he intones a voice from the grave. The last of the missing girls is chained to the wall to the left of the group. Vargas voices that the the group is there for the missing girl. Kegan starts talk about Rifts and timelines. Lylandra leaves to get the babbling old woman. Then Kegan challenges Vargas to a duel. Vargas accepts quickly, charges viciously and unleashes the fury of the mountains. To no avail Kegan retaliates and mercilessly drops Vargas quickly. Terios bring Vargas back to his feet. Vargas tries to bring the fight back to Kegan but with more words from Lylanda he is convinced to lay down his axe. “Leave my Sight” says Kegan and Vargas removes his necklace of totems, lays it down next to his axe and leaves defeated. The babbling old hag is really a rift walker and lets the group in on the rifts and time line distortions. Each member in the group has an event in his or her past that is involved with the so called Never King. What happens next?

Traveling Caravan

All of us were hired to travel with a caravan as part of a large group. The caravan contained many people including a dwarven ironsmith traveling to a new location and a pelt trader. The caravan traveled for miles and after about ten days some of us got to know each other a bit. That first night was tough on some of the more civalized members not used to the wilds. As we rounded a corner that rested up against a slight hill, we noticed two wagons that had overturned. They had been ransacked and blood could be seen near each wagon. The horses had been killed and as we began to search the area, some creatures ran out from behind the wagons. They attacked immediatley and tried to overwhelm us. They were fierce little nasty things that moved quickly. Some of us looked over the wagons and found some things. After a bit more traveling down the road we realized that some of the little girls that had been running along the caravan hadn’t been seen in some time. We followed some tracks down towards the river and picked up a trail of flowers. The trail ended in a clearing near a large rock outcropping. Hearing noises and seeing broken limbs, we moved towards a thick part of woods. It was a trap. We were attacked from the woods by more stout creatures that were not newcomers to battle. After a brutal battle we were able to vanquish our enemies.


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