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Welcome players.

I would just like to take a moment and thank everyone for such an interest in a 4th edition campaign.

Several of you have found an online tool for developing characters. For those who haven’t:
D&D Character Creation

What to bring for our first campaign!

  1. Your dice (mucho importante!)
  2. Your printed character sheet (fully filled out)
  3. Something to write with. Pencils usually do better than pens. Some people like to bring art pads or index cards to take notes with.
  4. Background stories are awesome, yet optional. Background stories should be in the vicinity of 1 to 5 pages long and detail some history and motivations for your character.
  5. If you don’t have a background, fear not! I have starter bits for your character that I’ll bring with me.
  6. A token of your character. Preferably something that I can manipulate with a computer.
  7. Optional (but awesome) Your power cards for your character.

Books allowed for Players

So far the books I’m allowing are the following:

  • Players Handbook 1 (PHB1)
  • Players Handbook 2 (PHB2)
  • Players Handbook 3 (PHB3)
  • Arcane Power
  • Martial Power 1
  • Martial Power 2
  • Divine Power
  • Primal Power

If there is a book that is OMG-Awesome!, check with me, and I might make an allowance.

Main Page

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